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The goal of KAscore is to help analysts at financial institutions develop, manage, and deploy credit scorecard models.


This R package is heavily based on the book Intelligent Credit Scoring: Building and Implementing Better Credit Risk Scorecards by Naeem Siddiqi (2nd Edition).

There are other R and Python packages for building credit scorecards that lack documentation and testing and have opinionated logic. The goal of {KAscore} is to provide ample documentation around the package’s functions, rigorous testing to ensure validity of logic, flexibility in the type of scorecard that can be developed, and ease-of-use for end users.


You can install the package from source (.tar.gz file provided by Ketchbrook) by running:

# Install {remotes} package if not installed already
# install.packages("remotes")

# Install {KAscore}

Using {renv}

If you use {renv} for project-based isolated R environments, this vignette provides a few different ways you can install a local R package (.tar.gz file) into your {renv} project.

Getting Started

This package contains a built-in mock dataset called loans to provide users with a quick way to try out the functionality of the package itself.


# Take a look at the first few rows of data
head(loans) |> 
loan_id amount_of_existing_debt term industry loan_amount other_debtors_guarantors years_at_current_address collateral_type housing_status count_loan_facilities default_status
100100 [$250,000, Inf) 6 grain 11690 none [15, Inf) real estate own 2 good
100101 [$50,000, $250,000) 48 grain 59510 none [5, 10) real estate own 1 bad
100102 [$0, $10,000) 12 pork 20960 none [10, 15) real estate own 1 good
100103 [$250,000, Inf) 42 dairy 78820 guarantor [15, Inf) building society savings agreement/ life insurance rent 1 good
100104 [$250,000, Inf) 24 fruit 48700 none [15, Inf) unknown / no property rent 2 bad
100105 [$0, $10,000) 36 pork 90550 none [15, Inf) unknown / no property rent 1 good

The best way to get started with {KAscore} is to read the Articles, or reach out to Ketchbrook Analytics directly to set up a demo, at